For many centuries
Killing was so inhuman
And continues being
The true thing that there's
No equal rights
Courts full of hypocrites and burocrats
Condemning innocents, leaving them with
No sights!

The fears is so much
That the autority can't touch
Assassins walking on the same streets
Among victims
How life is so cruel!

Nowadays there's no dignity
The Plague installed in our city
The time has come
Judgement day, we say
Fight for your rights
Don't let your life be destroyed
By some asshole that points you a gun
Telling you that it is
"so fun!"

Judgement day
Condemn the guilty
And not the innocent
Judgement day
The electric chairs
Were made for them
Judgement day
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Judgement Day (Condemn The Guilty) Lyrics

Morbid Death – Judgement Day (Condemn The Guilty) Lyrics