Laugh at the tragedies
Mock with disrespect
Goats under rule of father time
Leaches pass judgment on their fellow kind

And die when their inner self goes astray
Alas, I pay homage to the ancient ones
Speak my name!!
Raise the staff of the morbid priest
Descend into the fires of the true law

Suffocating evil smoke arise
Cleansing the masses of iniquity
Cauldrons blaze in sanctifying ritual
Vile crematory burns my eyes

Mortals filled with despair
They quest to foresee their fate
Caverns below await the wine to flow
Rape the harvest of souls

I watch in awe as the crucifiers march
Killing time, killing all I see
Another moon rise, human waste
Screaming 'Why hath thou forsaken me ?'


[Repeat: x2]
It's the dawn of the crucifiers

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Suffocation Lyrics

Morbid Angel – Suffocation Lyrics