I used to think that all I needed was you
That no matter what happened
We would always make it through

You never cared for me
Like I cared for you
And now I say good bye
It's all I know to do

You said you were my best friend
That you would be there till the end
But all you ever did was lie
Now I sit alone and all I do is cry

I loved you with all my heart
But you turned your back on me
It wasn't easy to see the truth
I wanted so much to believe in you

You were my best friend
But now we grow apart
Saying goodbye to you
Is something that I should've done

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

All I do is cry, all I do is cry...
All I do is cry...
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You Said You Were My Best Friends Lyrics

Mooncrest – You Said You Were My Best Friends Lyrics

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