Running through, I'm running through these lands spread far apart.
Is it love? is it love, when heroes risk it all?
But is it true, is it really true?
There's a doubt set in her heart?
This love, this burning love could make this hero fall.
And it's not enough, is it not enough (possibly),
When you're dying for your love (beautifully)?
And hoping is a crutch (wait and we'll see).
But until then, I will not give up I'll make it through tonight.
Will you stay strong? stay with me through the fight?
If the will's strong.
You cannot lose sight of what we wanted to be.
But if you do, just know you've got me.
She's castle bound, restricted from the sounds that assure her I'm ok.
To persevere means I'm getting near.
A kiss means I've survived.
An angel will tell you, my princess, "triumphs lie in faith."
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Castle Bound Lyrics

Monty Are I – Castle Bound Lyrics