[Verse 1]
Lazy summer sundown, front porch of this old house,
Lightning bugs in a mason jar,
There's a four-lane comming through, they break ground at the end of June,
The counties taking half my yard

It don't matter too much anyway, in the scheme of things,
I still get more than I should

It's all good , It's alright,
Lord it's always a good day when you're glad to be alive,
Everything I need, ain't too hard to find,
So I don't waste my time complaining,
Cause I don't see how I could,
It's all good

[Verse 2]
Another bill in the box today, new boats gonna have to wait,
My pick-up truck just broke down,
Grass needs mowing, I hear the plants closing,
It won't be the end of this town

Folks round here see things in a different way,
That'll never change,
There's one thing that's understood,

[Chorus: x2]

It's all good, I don't waste my time complaining,
It's all good
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It's All Good Lyrics

Montgomery Gentry – It's All Good Lyrics

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