"GO GIRL I AM PROUD OF U", A peer my age doin' the damn thing you have been through some things in the pass me to but since you have the opportunity to express yourself especially sine damn what late 90' for real. Do me a true 'fan' a favor a blowwwwwww brandy and everybody out of your damn way A shine for this newer you A do the damn thing until the wheels fall off and keep on keep'n on girl. Express yourself and do not be afraid. Think about it fortunate for real. There are people like myself that never displayed myself for the music career but would love to do so especially for my son...
But please make everthing that is not possible be possible.
Uuuuu... "STAY STRONG AND STAY POSITIVE". I was thinking also do not let the media back all in your damn personal life... Live your life and be free
Write back if possible. When are you coming to dcccccccccccccccccccccccccc. Ha! Ha! I wanna do somethin' cool this summer what things are you going to do. Tours? Please send me info this year if my money is right I will difintely come party with ya. Oh I am 22 years old with A 3YEAR old boy dc resident

Peace and love
Conniebritt2003@Yahoo. Com
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You Make Me Fill Lyrics

Monica – You Make Me Fill Lyrics