Only you,
Can, make me run only to you,
And, be there whenever I fall,
I fall and fall again over you,
Anything, everything you do,
Makes me say, I need you now.

Always take the time to,
Love me right hold me tight,
Keep me coming home every night, to you,
And aint nobody gonna change my mind, don't think twice
I've been looking for you all my life, baby

How did I survive all this time, without you,
Without you, you, you, without you,
And I don't ever want to let you go,
Can't do anything, anything, anything, anything
Cause you're the only one I love,
Without you, you, you, without you oh,

And me (oh baby) and me, (oh baby)
Can we start a family?
We made it official baby,
Oh, me and you
Every night I close my eyes,
I thank the lord cuz your laying next to me.
Didn't think it was possible but loving you brings out the best of me, baby

I'll always take the time to love you right,
Hold you tight, keep me coming home everything, to you,
And aint nobody going to change my mind,
Don't think twice, I've been waiting all my life, for you, baby

Tell me you want the ring,

(Repeat chours)
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Without You Lyrics

Monica – Without You Lyrics