Started as a little girl
Singing soul changed my world
Flipped my world upside down
I got lost and I couldn't be found
So much on my shoulders
And so much on my mind
Seems no one can help me
I think I just need some time

Sometimes I wish I could fly away
Looking for a place to getaway
Get away from all the heartache and pain
That life can bring
I really don't wanna sound
Like I can't stand my ground
But everybody need some time
That they can getaway

Sometimes I wish I was invisible
Cause then no one would know where I am
To ask me for anything
'Cause I've given so much of me
When is it time for me to receive
'Cause Monica has her needs
Who's gonna look out for me


You know I'm not superwoman
And I'm not made of steel
I try my best to handle
All I have to deal with
Not as easy as it seems
And to think this was my dream
Now for everything I have I'm grateful
But sometimes I wanna getaway

[Chorus x2]
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Getaway Lyrics

Monica – Getaway Lyrics

Songwriters: Folk, Robert
Getaway lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Walt Disney Music Company

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