Sister of mercy - kiss me goodbye
Give me your blessing - lend me your smile
Know where I'm going - dreams are alive
Warm winds are blowing - sun greets the sky

As I ride along the road
For the bold and restless souls
All my wishes turn to gold
And my heart turns cold
I can make a fortune here
On the shiny new frontier
And the shadow of my name will appear

Midnight to midnight - dancing on wires
Sunshine and starlight - keep me alive
Beautiful stranger - don't ask me why
Beauty and danger live side by side

Where the lonely heroes hide
With the ashes of their pride
Where the little kings and queens
Show you what it means
If you make it if you dare
Fighting on the new frontier
When the shadow of your name's everywhere

I keep believing I can turn around in time
I don't know which way I'll go but I'll enjoy the ride

Someday along the way
Someone's asking me to stay
In a sleepy little town
I will settle down
There is laughter in the air
High above the new frontier
As the shadow of my name disappears
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New Frontier Lyrics

Money Talks – New Frontier Lyrics