Dear my friend
Look at the sky, we're now looking at the same sky

No matter how far we're apart same world same generation
Like the sea and the sky if could also be connected somewhere

Dear my friend
If I could follow these clouds I wonder if it would lead to your town

Say "hello"
I tried shouting your name with a big voice into the sky
I truly miss you (haha) though, I can't even see you in my dreams

How, if I could only fly freely into the sky like those birds

Only, there are no wings for me
Instead I can embrace you with these hands
So strongly, as if I envy the birds.

Dear my friend
If I could grab hold of these clouds I wonder if it would take me to where you are

And if we could meet again someday next time I'll grasp your hand tightly
So I can't lose you

Like a bird, like a wind.

It's so bad but thanks!!!
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Dear My Friend (English) Lyrics

Miyavi – Dear My Friend (English) Lyrics