You're breaking all hearts but your own
You suffocate me, I cannot lie
I cannot hide that my heart falls when I see you
You're faking, I start to see
My heart falls when I see you
Open your eyes and see right through
After all this time
Now run with one less by your side
I believe in promises
Do you believe in trust
Run with one less by your side
You'll burn this bridge (I hope you die)
Every time (Living that lie)
I thought you meant the words you said
I thought you cared for me
Why can't you see
How could it have been so easyto turn your back
And fuck all you friends
Your tears are not going to wash this one away
The whispering of lies
But will you still reflect on what we had
And all of the potential
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Murder Lyrics

Misery Signals – Murder Lyrics