The news was confidential
It pierces like gun
The flowers and the photographs displayed on the wall
Remind how wonderful we are
Our eyes are filled with hope
This time I'm dreaming of how hard
To be a part of this senseless story ever of our lives

What if I fall to pieces
Will you be here to catch me open arms my beloved
I'm thankful now
We crossed our part
The love will shine for us

This silent conversation
It bridges a gap
Collapsing nervous system
Keep pulling us apart
And now we're whispering
Same words same promises
I hope this one last kiss
Will help you smile with tears

How far do we become
Our voices getting loud
So this where we are
We've moved along so far
I thought failures and goodbyes
Could only make us cry

To she'd our tears a thousand times
Is not enough for us
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Smile With Tears Lyrics

Minute By Chance – Smile With Tears Lyrics