Caught in the locked groove of this long season
These hours motions circle, still repeating

The beat moves on itself
The beat moves on itself
Every day my love
Crazy crazy days are gone
When I come home
And we're finally alone

And I'm caught in your arms safe from a morning
No one walks out on the tightrope today my love


We awoke at the edge of a summer
New days began to stretch their legs
And the tempo's changing the complacency
The needle finds the groove to free us tonight

We awoke on the edge of this winter
The ice melts off and flows in like a song
The record plays but the needles old
It lets the player take control

Move the speakers how they're told
To make us march for something more
Music is a sedative
And you put out what you put in
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Double Vision Quest Lyrics

Minus The Bear – Double Vision Quest Lyrics

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