No where to run, no where to hide
You gotta look me in the eye
Moment of truth
You gotta know I'm into you
Wanna get into a groove
When you gonna move

Whatchu wanna do now
Watchu really thinkin bout
Whachu wanna feel around
What wachu wanna
I don't wanna burn out
Whatchu gonna do about
Whatchu really workin out
What whatchu wanna

You wanna tell me yea
You wanna hold me yea
You wanna touch me yea
You wanna take me
Like I want you to

Yea lay me down n take your time
Turn up the heat n do the crime
Get satisfied
We gonna work it out tonight
I'm sayin yes. You wanna try
You know what to do


Take me to ecstacy
Cause you are my fantasy
Hey boy don't hesitate
If you wanna play
Take me with you
I know you want to

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Wachu Wanna Lyrics

Mimi & Teft – Wachu Wanna Lyrics