Hey little devil, that dwells inside
This angel's body, this angel's mind.
He said: "All I need is Jesus, to fly."
Take a little peak through that head of hair;
I know somewhere there are eyes in there.
Trying to hide a heart that's shining so bright.
They said: "What makes you different from us?"
We're gonna bang your head down.
I've got a dream that's growing inside me;
I'm ready to burst and set it free.
I know God waits in the city of angels.
Now I've been building a wall these many years.
I feel safe inside, hiding all my fears.
Don't hold your breath.
If you're trying to touch me.
They said: "Don't believe in yourself,
We're gonna bang your head down.
We're gonna bang your head.
Bang your head down."
We are aging;
Soon to pass away.
So cruel to never know, never know.
Never finish what was started.
My whole life's been really strange.
I've been running in circles,
Trying to make a change.
I transcend myself with Billy.
I'm home.
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Bang Your Head Lyrics

Milla – Bang Your Head Lyrics

Songwriters: Jovovich, Milla
Bang Your Head lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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