If everyone you ever knew,
Got up and walked away from you,
Would your life change?
Well that happened to me today, and I just would really like to say,
That I will never be the same.
Lets forget we ever fell apart,
I need you back in my arms.

Well it's not worth it, nobodys perfect.
And as bad as I need someone to cling to,
I can't give up till it's me and you.

So I'll have these dreams, spin the room,
It's been like this since the day I left the womb,
And you know that I won't give up,
Till we fall come back to love.

[Verse 2:]
You feel the pressure? It pushes through your veins,
When lies collapse around you, you turn and run away.
There was a time when I was happy, but then you were gone.
Everybody judged me, Everyone was Wrong.

Whys it so dark in here!
Will you smile for me,
To make the sun come out again,
To make the sun come out again.
The rain is falling down my friend,
You've been taken from my hands

[Chorus: X2]

I'm dying just to tell you, I'm In Love.
When will the sun come out again?
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Jesus Sees You When Your Sassy Lyrics

Mikey Sawyer – Jesus Sees You When Your Sassy Lyrics

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