Well I'm just a country boy
Country is all I know
I'm proud to be from Texas
The home of the Alamo
Lone Star Beer and dance hall lights as we dance to the Cotton Eyed Joe
Havin' myself one helluva time with the best people I know

(Ahhh Here it comes now!)

Verse I
We are all Americans proud of the red, white and blue
And if you've seen the Texas flag you'd know that that is true
Well I know we make a little too much noise, what the hell you expect us to do
If every one was as proud as us well I know they'd be loud too

We'll have a rip roarin' one helluva time under a Texas sky
Between livestock shows and rodeos you'll get a natural high
Where the women look so good in tight blue jeans they'll almost make you cry
I guess I'm like Tanya Tucker, it's Texas when I die

Verse ii
Well it's nice to know that rock and roll is still alive and well
And I'm surprised that it survived with Texans raisin' hell
If we listen to it we make ourselves completely understood
That if you're gonna play it, well Johnny it better be good

Stand up and clap your hands way above your head
Applaud the state that was built by cattlemen, roughnecks and lead
Texas is a way of life it's somethin' that we all love
Texans are always proud to wave the stars and stripes above

Repeat Chrous

Yeah I know I'm like Tanya Tucker, it's Texas when I die
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Texas When I Die (Part II) Lyrics

Mike Parrish & Six Gun – Texas When I Die (Part II) Lyrics