Good sister, won't you let me in?
I'm in need of some warmth and shelter
It's a hard luck story; don't know where to begin
I've been riding on life's helter-skelter

Save me, holy mother, please save me
I got a heart of gold

And for your love, I'd go hungry and thirsty
I need a saviour, and you're the one
I throw myself into the arms of mercy
There's still hope for the runaway son

My good father, he say to me
Better come back to your senses
There's an empty bottle lying on the floor
And it's undermined your defences



Good brother, show me how to get home
I've been walking in the backyard of Satan
I'm so stubborn that I'll never give in
But now my heart's cold and aching


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Runaway Son Lyrics

Mike Oldfield – Runaway Son Lyrics

Songwriters: MIKE OLDFIELD
Runaway Son lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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