[Verse 1]

See I've been rollin' no controlling, on my way to outer space
I'm way on top of my game, suckas lookin' outer place
Time to waste? nah, everytime my watch is going tick-tock...
Every single minute all I'm living for is Hip-Hop
So I'm on my grizzy I be grinding all day Money is the motivation I'll do whatever it takes
All I'm trying to do is make it and for real it's looking likely
Quite like a Hero to my city yeah I might be
Oh I think they like me but that don't really matter
Got a lot up on my plate I'll finish up the whole platter
Till my pockets get fatter, but money ain't a issue
Blood, sweat, tears, ain't no one give me a tissue
Don't know what I been through but I been through enough
When the going gets rough, my music is all I trust
I've been Rollin' with my dream, success in the back seat
I've been rollin', rollin', rollin', I ain't slept in weeks


[Verse 2]

Yeeeaahh, I do this for my city,
My fans and each and every single person that be rollin with me
Haters I ain't mad ya'll can have this one for free
When I'm signed, yeah I bet you they gon' be workin' for me
Motivated when I rap see the past is really nothin'
You talkin' bout' the future, add my name in that discussion
I gurantee I'll make it that's a promise and a statement
Make it to the top floor, started on the basement
Giving up I never will, slippin dog I never do
Steady and I'm ready for whatever so just let me through
You know me I shine, like my future lookin' so bright
All I see is green lights, ya'll know I ain't stoppin' right?
I can't stop, and I won't, believe me
Can't leave rap alone the game needs me
Rollin' with my dream, haters in the back seat
I've been rollin', rollin', rollin', I ain't slept in weeks


[Verse 3]

Remember this face every single time you see me
Now I'm on the mic but tomorrow might be T.V.
Ain't tryna be cocky but you know I'm bout to make it
All I got is one chance, I know I gotta take it
Life is a gamble, I'll roll that dice
And if I lose I'll be back, you can hold that price
Super star life, man it's more then just a dream
My future in my hands, let me tell you what I mean
Record after record, Platinum and Gold
Doin' show up after show, all across the globe
1 million fans, all a cross the land,
Jumpin' front row seats just to touch my hand,
Like damnn, I'll be livin' it right
I'll get the house, I'll get cars, I'll be livin' the life
I be Rollin' all alone, my dream in the backsteat
I've been rollin', rollin, rollin', I ain't slept in weeks...
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Rollin' Rollin' Lyrics

Mike Kleff – Rollin' Rollin' Lyrics