I once gave pieces from a shattered heart that kept falling
Until it fell apart into tokens
I bid you farewell with
Imagining they were yours

In their place grew bombs like a pressure mine
Like a filter built into the rind
'Cause after all no one has ventured beyond
And what's beyond belongs to only one

He's waiting patiently inside the rind to see what he'll find

Like a stubborn little baby boy,
At times it seems as if he's got me by the hand
Pulling me along more sure than I am

So determined, so sure what he will find

And we're running like children
I'm trying to keep up, don't let go
Like children
Like children

Our footsteps begin to draw away,
Like pulling to and from ourselves as we evolve
We warp and swell and bend
I want to recoil

Like children

Where'd you go? Where are you?
Endless prints in the dust
Come back

Wait up and walk with me a ways

Farewell for now
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Souvenirs Lyrics

Midnight Movies – Souvenirs Lyrics

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