In Eden the darkening garden was still
Unwet by all the tears from the sky.
The burden of that disobedient bite
Brought all the tears the fallen world would cry.
The unwelcome tears that they never had known
Coursed down their fallen faces in surprise.
All they ever had seen was the light of His face
But now the sin had entered in
Their tears would fall like rain.

Falling tears from fallen eyes
Our faces with an unaccustomed stain
We were driven from the garden
Beneath a cloudless sky
For human tears are older than the rain
Human tears are older than the rain

And so we all were driven from His presence and His peace
To stumble all along this long-lamenting race.
From the deepest, darkest shadows, He joins us on our way
And we recognize our fallen tears upon that human face.
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Older Than The Rain Lyrics

Michael Card – Older Than The Rain Lyrics