There's always somethin' new about you
Always somethin' takes me by complete surprise
Every time I see you, I see a part of you
Oh, I've never seen before

Every day and night, the more we know each other
Every single time, the more that I discover

It's a new love, always feels like a new love
Every touch is feelin' so much
Like the very first touch
Like a new love, always feels like a new love
It's never old whenever we make love
And I can't get enough of this new love

I'm still excited just talkin' to you
I'm still inspired just walkin' next to you
Girl, the way I need you
I find as time goes by, oh I need you even more

Nothin' feels as good, as good as us together
Nothin' in the world, no; there ain't nothin' better than this


We can just go on and on
'Long as we keep this love
'Long as we keep this love

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New Love Lyrics

Michael Bolton – New Love Lyrics

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