War, war, war!
Talkin' bout y'all's such a bore,
I'd rather talk about moi!

Do you know the cost of A.K.'s up in Africa?
20 dollars ain't shit to you,
But that's how much they are
Of course they gonna use it to kill a little da

Is those diamonds
Helpin' ya?
Don't you like my bandanna?
My stains hang low
On my shirts like ayayay
Monkey brains and banana
I'll hit you with my antenna
I put soap in my eye
Make it red so I look raaa!

Ra ra
So I woke up with my holy Koran
And found out I like Cadillac
So we shooting 'til the song is up
Little boys are acting up
Baby mothers are going crazy
And the leaders all aroound
Cracking up
We goat rich, we fry
Price of living in a shanty teem
Just seem to be high,
We still like T.I
We still look fly
Dancin' as we shootin' up,
And lootin' just to get by.

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head'll collapse if there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself:
"Where is my mind?"

War, war, war!
Who made me like this?
Was it me and God in co-production?
My devil's on speed dial
Every time I take the wrong direction.

All I want is one thing, and that is what you got.
Sometimes I go lose my mind and then I feel numb.

There's twenty four hours in a day
I used to split it eight-eight-eight
Eight work
Eight sleep
Eight for play
Now I give it all it takes.

People on the Internet
A new life for the intellect
People judge me so hard
'Cause I don't floss my titty set (?!)
I was born out of dirt like I'm porn in a skirt
I was a little girl who made good with all that blurt
I put people on a map that never seen a map
I show 'em somethin' that they've never seen
And hope they make it back
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