Black scarred and bleeding
From the lashes to my soul
I chose to stand my ground
Not do as I was told
Thinking like mindless sheep
These people were my friends
Now I feel abandoned
With a pain that never ends

My blood is boiling now
On this journey
To no avail
On this ship of fools
We're gonna die
Will no one listen to what i say

I saw the charts
I saw the maps
I know we're way of course
I've got to stop this captain
His twisted wicked force
We're on our way
To certain death
To drown among the ice
If I don't stop this madness now
The ship will pay the price

Holding tight the prison bars
As we drift into the mist
I can't believe
This is happening
My guts they wrench and twist
The air is getting colder now
We're sailing further north
I bow down to my knees
And I cry out to the lord

In icy wasteland
The sun begins to set
I see the frozen corpses
My shipmates on the deck
I pull myself up to the rail
Make my one last prayer
Submerge myself to the iron depths
As I drown my life's despair
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Burial At Sea Lyrics

Metal Church – Burial At Sea Lyrics

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