End the suffering
The meek shall one day inherit the earth
And for those who suffer?
We have no use for ill fated prophets promises
Of freedom
Of freedom

Not needing or wanting anything
That in your hatred you can deprive me of
As I do the time
Cleanse your sick mind
As I do the time
Cleanse your sick mind

Send me
Shall overcome

See, uh
When you are awake, I'm asleep
And when you are asleep, I will awake
And I will live neither in this cell
Nor in my heart
Only in my head

Yeah, some motherfucker told me um
I needed to stop dwelling in the past
Deafened by the dissident harmonies
Of sick white crackers
And the tyranny of the self righteous
As I live in my desire
For emptiness

Is all you see
And in my fear of becoming like you
I gauged out my eyes, damn
You know [unknown] be worried about the man
[unknown] need to worry about themselves
But all this political bullsh*t
Be f*cking up my high

And to you?
I am but the offspring of an obsolete machine
But your myth of superiority
Would not exist
Without me

Send me
Shall overcome
Someday, someday

You prey on the weak to fulfill your lust
And what you perceive as the kingdom of god
Is no more than the word of man
And his fear of death

Shall overcome
Yeah, mmm

See paradise
Is the fact that I exist
And I exist
Despite you
I exist
I exist
Despite you
Despite you

Rape my women
Beat my children
Castrate my men
Poison my food, poison my body

Rape my women
Beat my child
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Isolation Lyrics

Me'shell Ndegeocello – Isolation Lyrics

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