This is why I'm alone tonight
This is why I've got no appetite
For fighting and biting.
For lying and sniping
For talking of one thing,
Then doing another
And blaming each other

I never thought I'd sacrifice this much for you
I never meant to jeopardize my fun for you

Because you didn't want me
You never cried for me at all
You didn't love me
You were too far above me
Then you watched me take the fall

Here is why I now contemplate
Here is why I should celebrate
No more hurting and using.
The spitting and bruising
Breaking a promise,
Saying I'm sorry
Pretending to worry

I never thought I'd have to take this much for you
I wish I'd never used this precious time on you
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You Didn't Want Me Lyrics

Mesh – You Didn't Want Me Lyrics