Your words are quick, and they cut so deep
The walls go up, waiting here, wishing here, wishing here, waiting
You forget I know your tender spots, I can hurt you too,

But I'm the one loving you, so come on and love me
Lay down your arms
Why'd you want to go
Lay down, down, down, down

Lay down your arms
And shoot love to the ground
Lay down, down, down, down
Lay with me
Don't want to tear our love apart, I want to give my heart
So close then the moment's shattered, like nothing mattered
Pushing me, pulling you, pulling me, pushing
Can't we start living here, giving

(repeat chorusso we are in love, so we are at war
But we can be on the same side
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Lay Down Your Arms Lyrics

Meredith Brooks – Lay Down Your Arms Lyrics