Back through the pages of history
She's been the backbone of the family
Loyal strong tender and wise It should come as no surprise
She can heal a man's hurt with amazing grace
Put a smile back on a baby's face
She's a fulltime lifetime dedicated mum
Family is number one

3 kids a husband and the washing on the line
Bet she'll even make it to work on time
She's a mystery a rare commodity
Boy's you'd better tip your hat To superwoman
There's no denying it a fact's a fact
She's a superwoman and that's that

Call it intuition call it double dutch
Nothing comes close to a woman's touch
She radiates beauty inside and out
Dressed up to the nines she's a real knockout
You know she's a qualified taxi driver teacher chef and nurse
And with all the things that are sent to try her she'll tackle them head first

We are all one
Hero's unsung
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Superwoman Lyrics

Melinda Schneider – Superwoman Lyrics