I had a girl,
And I treated her tenderly,
Oh yeah.

She pretended that she cared,
While she only laughed at me.

All my life she deserted,
I never knew how she flirted.
Now it's me that's hurting.
What a lesson I've learned.

Good guys only win in the movies.
Yes they do, now.
They ride white horses, girl,
And they're friends with everyone.

Good guys only make it in the movies.
Baby, yeah!
Because in life,
They turn out sad and lonely ones.
[End chorus]

How sincere now, baby,
Could your man have been?

I stuck right by ya, honey,
Both through thick and thin.
Girl I did?
You know you turned the table.

I don't think I'll make it,
But I'm gonna make it on my own.


Girl, I'm tired of your lying,
Tired of your alibi'ing,
Now my love is dying,
I'm gonna kiss your love goodbye.


Sad and lonely ones...
Sad and lonely ones...

[Chorus to fade]
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Good Guys Only Win In The Movies Lyrics

Mel And Tim – Good Guys Only Win In The Movies Lyrics