Solo-MustaineAnybody searching for actionAnything to feel the emptiness insideAny place that the streets are emptyAny takers wanna pour out their livesWith fire and lighting shooting from my handAnd desolation written across my eyesMy itchy finger on hairpain triggerMy tempers hot and my patience's taken flightSolo-DroverSolo-MustaineInside the abattoirThe cover charge is somebody's gotta dieNow, Ihear you screaming out for mercy Last man that's standing wins the fightToo late, I see your end zero in on youEven mortal enemies they can't denyLet me help you up againThe wings of God surround meI live to play because i know i'll never dieSolo-DroverSolo-MustaineSolo-DroverSolo-MustaineIf i win again, I'm still the championAnd if you win, HA, that's just impossible!I don't play for keeps; i don't play for your soulI don't play to win, I don't play for it allI play for bloodSolo-MustaineSolo-DroverI don't play for keeps, i play for bloodSolo-MustaineI don't play for your soul, I play for bloodSolo-DroverI don't play for to win, I play for bloodSolo-MustaineI don't play for it all, I play for bloodSolo-DroverPlay for blood
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Play For Blood Lyrics

Megadeth – Play For Blood Lyrics

Songwriters: Mustaine, Dave
Play For Blood lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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