Hiding in any doorway
In any shadow
Any place where danger
Waits to kill my time
There is one who lies in wait
To seal your fate
As sure as you live and die
Live and die
Live and die

When you feel that something's wrong
I'll shelter you and keep you warm
I'll never let you walk alone
I loved you when you still hated me
I'm comin' and it won't be long
Time to reap what I have sewn
Never ever let you walk alone
I know your enemy - it once was me

Let me wrap my arms all around you
Suffer the trespasses that you made
I will drink your pain away
Forever and a day
If you just call out my name
If you just call
Call my name
If you just call...
Even whisper it

[Chorus x 3]
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Never Walk Alone... A Call To Arms Lyrics