Dem niggaz talkin reckless I get em gunned down chopper style goons lurkin wen the sun down (cha cha cha) niggaz throwin bullets tryna get a touchdown you catch em like fitzgerald nigga wen dat clip spill, I've seen niggaz go up state wit wheel(life)beat dey appeal make it home then get killed cuz shit real nigga up in philladel I'll wet chu and leave a hole in ur head like killa whale, free willy and meek millie he really bout dat ask a nigga bout dat pussy nigga soffta den a pillow top matress rappas actress like Samueal. L Jackson. Niggaz throwin money dey don't even own a crib yet niggaz sayen dey getting money till there niggaz doing a bid yet you aint even buy that playstation for your kid yet but you makin rain: you a fucking lame.
I got a bullet wit cho name on it catch you slippin sunny day ell come and rain on it niggaz talkin dat shit till we slide up on em start sparkin dat shit get a concrete pillow and a colt for ur bed I got niggaz looking for you like there's money on ur head ima kill ya when I catch you ima kill ya... Yeahhh
I hear dem pussys talkin they talking reckless bout me but when I see them niggaz I'm gone catch some reck about it I'm talking shots fired got a man down coppers walkie talkie over stand down, shots still shooting choppa still choppin I aint trap in like a year but the block still poppin, niggaz hating on me they aint got a option cuz I'm shining every time and like a diamond vvs shit niggaz can't fuck wit me I'm like they ex bitch I'm on dat homocide ride or die x shit 44 revolver wild wild west shit niggaz talkin wreckless now they on my reck list bullets hit chure front back extacy, hollow heads just to bobble head and if we spot em there than we drop em there
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Bullet Wit Your Name On It Lyrics

Meek Mill – Bullet Wit Your Name On It Lyrics