In the middle of the night
Just let yourself awake
Step to a windowpane
See how the willows dance around the lake

Take a minute to get dressed
Then sneak across the floor
Now turn your Walkman on
Put on the phones and fly outside the door

Magic hour has arrived
Take you pains away
Fairytale comes in you life
Just as you wished it once upon A day

Run across a clover meadow
Wet your face with dew
Ride with the fairies down the empty lanes
And see your dreams come true

Let your heart be free as much
As you might ever need
Wait 'till the morning rays sweep down the stars
And wake the sleepy streets

Remember how they called you nuts
Remember how you stood the grief
How many tears you cried
What pain you felt but still tried to believe
Remember how your heart was bleeding
While you smiled
But you still didn't stop believing
You just couldn't give it up...
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Once Upon A Day Lyrics

Mechanical Poet – Once Upon A Day Lyrics