All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray
I went for a walk on a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California dreamin' on such a winter's day

Stopped in to a church, I passed along the way
Well, I got down on my knees (got down on my knees)
And I began to pray (I began to pray)
You know the preacher likes the cold (preacher likes the cold)
He knows that I'm gonna stay (knows I'm gonna stay)
Oh now, California dreamin' (California dreamin) on such a winter's day,
Oh yeah

All the leaves are brown (all the leaves are brown)
And the sky is gray (and the sky is gray)
I went for a walk (I went for a walk)
On a winter's day (on a winter's day)
If I didn't tell her, I could leave today
Oh now, California dreamin' (I thought you went away)
Oh now, California dreamin' (on such a winter's)
Oh now, California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On such a winter's day

(Dreamin') oh now, California dreamin'
(Such a winter's day) oh now, California dreamin'
(Cali-for-ni-a, thought the sky was grey)
California dreamin'
(Such a winter's day)
Oh, California dreamin'
(California dreamin', dreamin')
And the sky is gray
And the skies are gray
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California Dreamin Lyrics

Meat Loaf – California Dreamin Lyrics

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