Don't give me no heartaches,
Don't give me no pain,
And don't give me teardrops,
That fall like rain.

Give me what you promised,
What you promised to give me.
Give me love.

Don't give me no trouble,
Don't feel me with care
And don't give me worries
That I can't bear.

[Repeat chorus]

We made a promise,
'Til death do us part
And darlin' that promise
Came straight from my heart.
And I'm gonna keep it
As long as I live

[Verse 2:]

My life ain't worth livin'
If you only give
Me nothin' but heartaches
And nothin' but pain
And all of those teardrops
That fall like rain

[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat verse 1]

[Repeat verse 2]

[Repeat chorus]

Give me love!
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Give Me Love Lyrics

McGuire Sisters – Give Me Love Lyrics