1, 2 out to the sleepy sleepy crew

In springfield u'll find a family of marge bart lisa and maggie
And in the front room on the setee
U'll find a father watchin T. V
It's homer, the king of the show
Drinking duff beer supplyed by moe
Common sense it's always a 'no'
And when ever sumthin's wrong he sez 'Doh'
Smithers n burns in the power plant
Bart can skateboard but maggie can't
And then the old one he's the grampa
And flanders, 'howdy doodly neighbour'

I'm a mr. Vapour, hyper, diggidy dapper dapper
Vapour on fire
Here to get you hyper
I'm a dapper rapper in ayia napa
I'd neva slap my bitch but I'd slap a slaper
Roll a fatter cigar, I'm a phatter rapper
Than the others eva were
A back 2 back dapper
I'm a lyricist
Nun of this
Do you wanna test this
Like this
The ladies love this
Play this
On a tape or a minidisc
Like my stylist
Put me on the guestlist
Ladies they lie in
They love me
They need me
I'm sittin I'm a room and their screamin feed me
Tease me
Yeah baby please me
Keep me
So you might just greet me
Danger 20 million volts
In your body makes you fly like a caterpault
Chewin on salt n malt vinegar
Gary Lineker
In the cinema
Hush shut ya mouth let me finish
The chior while I finish this
Get this in a couple of minuets.....
Wicked mc vapour my vived

And there i'll finish
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Simpson Chat Lyrics

Mc Vapour – Simpson Chat Lyrics