Yeah, What's up girl?
Come here I wanna holla at you right quick. Check it out.

[Chorus: x2]
Let's just pretend,
That I'm yours and you are mine.
Forget about the world,
Baby be my girl,
It's going down tonight.

Check it out.
If I, had a girl like you I'd need nobody else inside my days
It's that connection that we makin' when you walk my way
It's more than just your body with that pretty face and eyes
They say the grass is always greener on the other side
I wanna show you the things you never felt inside
Like how it feels making love under the stars at night
So tell your girls that you gon' leave with somebody else tonight
You're like that drug I wanna hit so we can both get high
So lets ride to the south westside
With your body all over mine
Take them other fools off your mind
It ain't no crime when I'm stealing your kisses
Push your body to the limit girl, fulfillin your wishes
Damn, this ain't no one night stand

I ain't gotta be your man
Let's just pretend girl, 'cause nothing ever goes as planned
And if you need me one more night, that'll be alright with me
You got me twisted, body gifted, you're my ecstacy

[Chorus: x2]

From the moment that we caught eyes
She was on my mind
It's like I woke up dreamin', thinking of her and I
Alone doing things on our own, And I'm all making a lie
Full on with our own home, kids, and a ride
Ride with no fears near right by my side Lost when we look in our eyes
Now I ain't going insane
I'm usually playin'
But I swear it was love at first sight
Now I seen her with a man being dragged by her hand
And it seemed he was beatin' her dead
What a beautiful face with the wrong man at the right place with her head down
Now let me take it away take the pain away
Happiness like a place to stay
Let's pretend like we've already been
With time girl I know you can break away, Make away, Girl I'd break my back just to stake my place
Anything just to make you stay
With no doubts in my mind
And I'm hatin myself 'cause you don't even know my name
But I know 'cause your eyes are the keys to your soul
And through them
Your story is told
Just let go of it all
Let go of that dawg
And let me show you what it is to grow
I know your missing a part
I got the keys to your heart
Let me put the love back in place
Leave the world behind
I'll close your mind
And I don't doubt that we can get away
Get a place
Stick by your side
Through the darkest days
Make love in so many ways
I played for so long
Gotta love for a change
But I'd trade it all for your face

I'd trade it all for your face
The way your eyes just look at me (the way they look at me)
Of all the girls I've ever seen
Your body is somethin' you do to me
And I don't know if you got a man (I don't know)
But I just wanna take your hand
Come with me girl again and again
Even if it's just pretend

[Chorus: x2]
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Let's Pretend Lyrics

Mc Magic – Let's Pretend Lyrics