Geek: ... Economics, I love economics...

Bully: hey over there! Where do you think you're going?

Geek: I'm gonna go home!

Bully: Thought you were gonna get out of school without talking to me first?
Geek: School's over. I wanna go--

Bully: I got some recollections I want to share with you.

Geek: Oh, recollections on what?

Bully: Let me think back on how many of your family members'
Cunts I've licked today!

Geek: Oh, how offensive!

Bully: Let's see, your sister...

Geek: Oh!

Bully: ... Your mother...

Geek: Not my mother!

Bully: ... Your grandmother...

Geek: My grandmother?

Bully: I dug up your great grandmother...

Geek: Oh, you wouldn't!

Bully: Her c*** tasted like skeletons!

Geek: Oh, that's gross!

Bully: hahahahaha

Geek: hey! How do you feel about this!?

Bully: Oh my God! Aah!

Geek: I bought this gun at lunch!!

Bully Oh my God!

Geek: And now I am pointing it right at your face!!

I'm tired of the way you've been treating me!!

And I'm not gonna take it anymore!!

Bully: Please! Please! I... I... Looking at your gun,
I... I'm rethinking all of my bullyism... And I... Uh...
I just think if I were to get a second chance...
Geek: You can't get a second chance!! You are way too mean,
And therefore, you deserve to get capped!!
I am pulling back the...
Thing that you pull back before you fire the gun!!

Bully: The hammer?

Geek: now I am pulling the trigger!!

Bully: oh my god!
You pulled the trigger on the gun and the bullet's
Flying out of the gun at lightning speed! Aah!
Ow! It hit me in the head!

Geek: how do you like that, bully!? How do you like that!?

Bully: aah! Ow! I'm dying... Dying.

Geek: Wait a minute, what have I done? (cries)
I'm sorry... Who will I talk to now? What have I done...
What have I done?
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The Hammer Lyrics

Mc Chris – The Hammer Lyrics