Maya- Wind in fire.

"Wind in fire. Ohhhhhhhh.

Love is good when times are bad.
When people are happy, I am mad.

So take your good times and fall asleep.
Make your dreams come true.
Hey Ho. How do you do.
Wind in fire will seek you through.
Love is good when times are bad.
Feelings are hurt, and we're not glad.


The fire has come and wohhhh it's right here
The wind has come and taken the fire awayyyy.

Wind is good fire is bad.
Love is good but the times are bad.

Fall asleep. And take my hand. And let's make your dreams come trueeeeeeeee.


Love is good.


Love is goood.


Love is good.

Fall asleep take my hand. Now let's get some candy from the candy man.

Wind in fire. You are the best.
Wind in fire from all of the rest.

Wind in fire. Can't you see love is good. When you are with me...
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Wind In Fire. Lyrics

Maya – Wind In Fire. Lyrics