Sunset's painting god in amber
And we can't even talk
Sure, it's good to be away
But where we're going, we probably coulda walked

I know we could be stronger
And hold on a little longer
If we tried
Thought we were being clever
When we promised us forever
Guess we lied

Get me out of here
Take me out of here
I need to touch down
Wrap my head around (what happened here)
Fate and what it brings
Breaking everything's
Not what we planned
I don't understand
Wake me up when we land

If we could we'd turn around in shame
Go back to where we've been
Just leave it all to falling stars
And some caution in the wind

My conscience fears that
Six long years of silent tears
Won't sleep on this tonight
Sing the saddest songs
And all night longs
But a hundred wrongs still don't make a right

We're past the part
Where I lift you up
And you try to calm me down
The shattered world below
Looks serene
As we careen to the ground
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Land Lyrics

Matthew Puckett – Land Lyrics