The emptiness inside increases the sense of
Isolation that inspires death
I can not escape this need for silence within
My soul
Nothing has the equivalent power than the lure
Of a breathless state of being
I fantasize that when I exhale their shall be no
Return of air into my lungs and my mind will be
Quiet and still
No more anxiety, fear or loneliness
I contemplate what would be worse
Another second without you?
Or to never see you again?
It is this psychological dilemma that keeps me in
A constant state of intolerable suspension
Only surrendering quietly into peace when you
Are present
I yearn for these passing moments in time when
I am with you that always seem to brief
And then a return to the contemplation
What is easier?
Death or love
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Death Or Love? Lyrics

Matt Zane – Death Or Love? Lyrics