I can't believe that you're gone, without a trace
I can't believe you've got no tears upon your face
While mine is soaking wet, making up for your lack I guess

That's how it is in love, or out of love as I sit now
Without you next to me, wishing things that just can't be

It's all that I can do
To sit back and watch it all blow through

Should've been so good
Could've been so right
That was before the day forever died
Wishing on what-ifs
Taking my chances
That was before the day forever died

There's nothing left to be said, it's all been spoken
In spite of words you could not find for me
I guess you came out ahead, and now I'm broken
Into a man ashamed to show his face

Walking away seems so easy for you
So why's it gotta be so hard for me
To see that it's over
But for so long, love was just you and me
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The Day Forever Lyrics

Matt Wertz – The Day Forever Lyrics