Love, my love, my heart has waited
For you with open arms
But you’ve been gone so long
You don’t remember your way
Back home

Someone else’s arms keep you
Warm tonight
Someone else’s song for
Your lullaby
Behind the setting sun
I’m still the one who calls you name

Lost your horizon, you lost
Your desire to return as you
Drifted away
My love is a beacon and hope is
The song to remind you,
Let it find you

Love, your restless heart
Won’t let you down easy

When someone else’s arms
Keep you warm tonight
And someone else’s song is
Your lullaby
Love, my love, my heart
Is waiting for you with
Open arms
Love, my, love, my heart
Is waiting for you...
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Someone Else's Arms Lyrics

Matt Brouwer – Someone Else's Arms Lyrics

Songwriters: Matt Brouwer, Jeff Somers
Someone Else's Arms lyrics © 2012 Unlearning Music Pub, Jeff Somers Music

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