[woman screaming]

[Master P]
Guess who's back.. It's Freddy? Nah, P bitch!
Whassssssup? Ah-Hahahahaha

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Trick or treat whodi.. Where you be whodi?
I'm right 'cross the street whodi
And I think I seen the beast whodi!

[Master P]
It must be Halloween, ya heard me? It all happened at once
I'm in the middle of the hood rollin a black and orange blunt
My mind fucked up, I done seen a black cat [Rowr!]
Put my hand on my gat and took three steps back
Ran up the block it was like a movie
I seen a big haunted house with a chick in a jacuzzi
I knocked on the doors [Ding-Dong] and it broke the mirror [Crash]
I got seven days of bad luck and a dog with no liver(??)
It must be a nightmare, but I'm bout to wake up
Then I put my nail in the keyhole {*door*} and jumped in the truck
[engine revs] Headed to the club, the party's off the hook
Until I ran into this nigga that I knew was a crook
He said... Onnnnne, twoooooo... They comin for you
Threeee, fourrrrr... Better lock your door {*animal roars*}
Nah, fuck the world, I'm about to go for mines
Cause I'm trapped in this dream like I'm trapped in crime
I see this younger??, hair looked just like Eve
And I'm thinkin to myself, what the fuck is she doin in New Orleans?
Now is this a curse, or shit I did bad
Or my mind playin tricks cause I snatched a kid's bag


[Slay Sean]
Yeah it's nighttime, the right time to do crime
niggaz hustle, and watch out for po'-nine
It's showtime, raisin hell {*Roar!*} one more time
Thugs move, no rules bottom line
You got into the sunset to speak your mind {*Scree!*}
Run - lock your doors, the streets is mine
niggaz wild out, {*Scree!*} throw eggs, the people beg
October 31st niggaz need to be caged
No remorse {*Scree!*} you done heard my force
Takin, what we want, by means of all sorts
It's the way of life, payback's a bitch, pay the price
Somebody gotta suffer, even po-lice
When the streets is dark and cold you fear for your life
You know you hear the screams {*Scream*} it's a horrible sight
Nobody fiends, they just wanna survive the night
Twelve hours of mayhem as you beg for life


[Master P]
Trick or treat, kiddies!
Bout to deliver the mail once again
"Ghetto Postage," all platinum bitch!

I told Y'all everybody
Y'all can't fuck with no limit (hahahaha)
Who's laughin now, whodi? Hehehehe, trick or treat!

Junebug, you better take that mask off
And get your little bitch-ass inside!
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Trick Or Treat Whodi Lyrics

Master P – Trick Or Treat Whodi Lyrics