Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry to bother you today. My name is
Joe. And, um, I'm not on crack, I don't do drugs, I'm just trying to get
something to eat. If you can give just a penny, a nickel..a dime, a
quarter..anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time...
and have a nice day.

How do you do?
I'm from the other side of town
The place where the only skin you see is the color brown
The sun never shines in this place where I live
And it's hard to do right when you feel negative
I have no compassion
I only know aggression
And there is nothing great about this oppression
People I see on TV, in there towns live the good life
But I live out of bounds
Where nobody comes unless they're forced to come
In school, they call me the bum from the slum
But they don't know
My sista has no food to eat
And her hand-me-down shoes are too tight for her feet
The way I see things, life isn't fair
So I never learned how to share or to care
But to hope - and hope
Instead of feeling down
And that's how it is
On the other side of town

I live on the other side of town
Pardon me, brotha
As you stand in your glory
I hope you don't mind as I tell the whole story
Some people livin life like fun in the sun
But yo, others are givin strife, and that's all they know
I feel no comfort in talks from the President
So put back on Cosby
A shack is my resident
I think if I ever die, it might be a blessin
Some say I never try, but why are they stressin
I'll never get ahead; my raps have a better chance
I'm livin on Wonder Bread with holes in my leather pants-acap
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The Other Side Of Town Lyrics

Master Ace – The Other Side Of Town Lyrics