[Repeat: x8]
Sittin' on chrome

He once was a dog from around the way [so you better take it]
Eazy! [and I'm sittin' on chrome]
He once was a dog from around the way [so you better take it]
Eazy! [and I'm sittin' on chrome]

I just got paid
It's Friday night
I'm sittin on chrome
And I'm feelin alright

Take it EZ, like E 'cause I be
Lettin' niggaz know what time it is when it comes to me
You can't find us here anywhere and I tear
you a new asshole, as beautiful as gold
Look at your reflection in my shine, find
pissy hallways are always on my mind
But not tonight, I'm sittin' on chri-dome
Makin' more waves than my cellular phi-done
Mental energy from within keeps me higher
than anything rolled and set on fire let me try a
little somethin' new, grand 'cause what I am
is mathematic, I must to blow your static if I can
I.N.C., Crew I thought you knew
That's how you do well check it this is how I do


I'm sittin' on see-H, are-O-M-E
Sippin' Brass Monkey, Digga got the Remi
Martin I'm startin' to feel like I want to
Hit the strip spot and I think that I'm gonna
I see my nigga Jose, "Mida, que pasa?"
We goin' to the spot, need a ride? I gotcha
So come on in, come on in, come on in
It's like fire when you see my chrome spin
I paid the valet, I stepped to the stage
I think I want to play with the girl in the cage
Lap dance, lap dance, lap dance
Baby look I got trouble in my pants
I just checked my wallet, no more dough
I just paid your rent and now I gotta go
She did me till I's done, smooth like Bally
I walked outside, they said that they ain't got no valet
Somebody caught me slippin', dipped with my ride
But we gonna catch they ass on the be -Side

I just got paid
It's Friday night
I'm sittin' on chrome
And I'm feelin' alright

You can't I-N-see me, the
Ace niguh, so be ghost like Amityville horror,
Till tomorrow, you're done
So jet like Delta, I'm Fly like the Nun
My mental state's, more Great than the Lakes
I'm Superior, it's Erie how I breaks
Niggaz down, with the sound as I shine
One time, and the chrome is the mind

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Sittin' On Chrome Lyrics

Masta Ace – Sittin' On Chrome Lyrics

Songwriters: DUVAL A. CLEAR
Sittin' On Chrome lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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