I heard the old man say we need the rain
And I can feel it in my bones they're aching
I watched the sky and wait and wish these waters ease my pain
Because my will is breaking

If you'd get next to me and help me find simplicity
Then you could be the one to take me, to break me
And flood my soul

Could you be the one to release me? (oh release me)
Waiting for your love
Oh to free me, so release me

Grey clouds, they infiltrate as every move you make
Gets me closer to clarity
While droplet drummers lead a complex beat increasing speed
Somehow accompanies our intensities

At first this cloud burst is pulling us under
Lightning and thunder
Rain falls and you take me under
And flood my soul


So take off your shoes and stay a while
This might be the right time tonight
If it makes you feel good
Then it makes me feel alright

We should take down the curtains now
And make blankets here on the floor
The torrential downpour, the potential for more
A cease to fight this tension that ignites us here in the dark

Because tension causes friction and this friction leaves two sparks
The rain has filled this cup and before it overflows
I wanna take you in now
Here it goes

[Chorus x2]
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Release Me Lyrics

Mase – Release Me Lyrics