Yo, yo. Yo, yo son?
What the fuck is all... yo, where you get (*cough*) all that money from, son (yo-huh)?
Where the fuck did you get all that money from, son... huh?

Royalty checks, son.
That Mase album I told you, you should have (huh?) fucked with me on that shit, son, for real that (wha?) shit paid off (yo, fuck).
That nigga did his thing for me...

Yo, fuck all that, son, fuck all that.
You gonna be shootin' me out of cannons and shit like that, nigga (nah, nah, nah).
Fuck all that, man.
I got enough rugrats.
Man (I know) be dancin' in videos with rugrats (uh...) and shit (uh...), nigga.
I got eight kids, (I...) nigga (I know).
I need to be (that...) dancin' in videos (that was my nephew) with more kids, nigga.
Get the fuck out of here with all that shit.

I'm just sayin', son. So you ain't got to ask me for my shit. You know what I'm sayin'? I got my own bills, too, nigga. What the fuck you talkin' about?
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Mad Rapper(Interlude) Lyrics

Mase – Mad Rapper(Interlude) Lyrics

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