Since we walked in the front door,
We've never been treated like this before.
All this attention could easily go to our heads.
Ride the elevator to our floor.
We get our own keys to open the door.
We just can't wait to jump on both of these beds.

We've got movies in our room,
Fresh cut flowers, oh how they bloom.
Let's go get changed.
Don't be the last one in the pool.
Later on we think we'll dine.
Why, room service suits me fine.
Our friends will not believe us back at school.

Goodness you, goodness me.
This is life I've never seen.
The floors just sparkle.
The place really shines.
Oh, I really have to say,
I could like living life this way.
Why can't we live in a hotel all the time.
Hello, room service? How are you?
This is us in 502.
We sure hope this won't be any trouble.
We're so hungry we could eat a horse.
That's a figure of speech of course.
Did we mention we're twins?
Make everything a double.

We'd like ice cream something, real simple.
Four scoops of chocolate and two butterscotch ripple.
We'd like to keep going, but maybe we should stop.
Cover it with whipped cream and please send it up fast.
We're so hungry, don't know how long we'll last.
Put it all in a bowl, with a nice cherry on top.

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Why Can't We Live In A Hotel All The Time? Lyrics

Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen – Why Can't We Live In A Hotel All The Time? Lyrics