Fell off my bike and got it bent

Picked up the hammer and hit my thumb
Oh no, poor thumb...accidumb!

Jumped in the lake with a flying leap
Uh-oh, accideep
Oh no, lake leap...accideep!


Skinned my knee bumped my head
It's a wonder I live through
All the stupid things I accidently...

Fell on my lunch and it went squish
Uh-oh, accidish
Oh no, lunch, squish...accidish!

Sat in the yard got attacted by ants
Uh-oh, accidance
Oh no, ants in my pants...accidance!


Took me a bath and ate the soap
Uh-oh, accidope
Oh no, ate soap...accidope!

This is the way my day is spent
Uh-oh, accident
Oh no, day spent - I don't want no more
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Uh-Oh Accident Lyrics

Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen – Uh-Oh Accident Lyrics